Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Wondering what we've been up to? We've been too busy to work on our own blog because we've been teaching Hugo how to update his blog... http://hugo-cohen.blogspot.com/

Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Fat Lady

Mandy at 39 weeks

Mandy at 39 weeks (from behind)

Mandy at 36 weeks

Mandy at 33 weeks

Mandrew Outings - July/August

Walking at Massey's Memorial (which we look at from our house)

Looking back at our place from Massey's memorial

Andrew on a cycling excursion around wgtn with Zuk, J and Jamie (this is zuk resting)

Andrew on a ski trip with friends at Turoa

Monday, June 27, 2005

Our New Floors!

We arrived home to beautiful new floors - very exciting!

Friday, June 24, 2005

Last stop - Visit to LA

Visiting friends and family in LA. Mike and Julie were considerate enough to have Zack 3 weeks early, just so we could meet him ;)

Meeting Zack (1 day old) at the hospital

Catching up with Brenda

Spending time with Andrew's Cousins Don, Lily and their daughter Lynn and grand-daughter Allison

Mike and Julie on thier first outing with Zack

Friday, June 17, 2005

A quick excursion to Tahoe

Kayaking by Dave & Jeanine's place

Emerald Bay

At some falls on the way home

Mandy getting bigger by the day

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Return to San Francisco

Another trip back to visit friends in San Francisco. This time we got to meet a few new additions!

Heuga and Abigail

Steve and Jack (a new All Black fan)

Mandy tanning her belly

Dave, Jeanine and Oliver

A sad farewell to Tina and Lennart - who are moving to Sweden (not on the annual mandrew vacation route)

Catching up with the Thompsons - these girls get more gorgeous every year

Back in the hood - Arlington Ave with Amelia

Kiera and Aidan


A great day on Angel Island with Wiggen, Jim & Janet

Friday, June 10, 2005

Cohens in Maui

Martin and Susan met us for a relaxing week on the beach in Maui.

Lunching by our beach

The view from our Lanai

Andrew with his bike, ready to ride down Haleakala Mountain (8000ft vertical) in 30mins

Andrew above the clouds, going about 30mph

Cohens by the Crater at the top of Haleakala Mountain (10,000ft)

Looking up to Haleakala Mountain - hard to believe it's 10,000ft

Mandy showing off her belly from the Lanai

Susan making friends with another Slovak, who was born on the same day as her!

On our snorkel trip to Molikini

The state fish of Hawaii - Humuhumunukunuku Apua'a

The last supper

Friday, June 03, 2005

Kayaking Kaua'i - Day 3

Our last day of paddling. We left paradise pretty early, just in case the surf came back up. We took our time paddling south down the coast, stopping for snorkelling, short hikes, swimming with turtles and whatever else took our fancy.
We had lunch at Nualolo Aina - a historic site, and got a guided tour by the crazy care-taker - lots of walls and terraces made out of rocks. Then did a little snorkelling inside the reef.

At afternoon tea (yes, it is all about food), we did an impressive beach landing (and re-launch) at Miloli'i - surfing in over the roughest part of the beach (with sharp black rock reef beneath us). We were getting pretty confident with the whole kayak/surf thing. We went for a hike up into the valley behind through long cutting grass, and finally got to our destination, a waterfall where we cooled off.

Our final paddle took us to Polihale the long sandy beach (our take out point). There were surfers out (never a good sign for kayakers) - but we were prepared.... We watched wiggen as he skillfully surfed his kayak in. We sat in what we thought was a safe spot, ready to start timing the waves - but we were too late and too close to shore, a massive wave was right on us, and we paddled hard to stay pointing forward and upright for awhile - until finally it dumped us and we were out!!! The most embarrassing part was that the guy from the kayak store was there to meet us, and he watched the whole thing! Our first capsize of the entire trip.

Snorkelling at Nualolo Aina

Heading through a big cave

In the lava tube

The lava tube

Swimming with Turtles

The waterfall (after our hike through long cutting grass)

The end